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What to do when kids get bad grades?!

In 2020 I became a teacher's assistant along with my already "mother duties". I have a 5th grader and Pre-K child so its double time for me. To be clear, we all hate it!! I hate it! My 5th grader misses his friends and learning to navigate to online school. My 4yo ask the teacher everyday is it okay to log off lol. Now, my 5th grader has and will continue ( we speak things into existence over here) a good student, I never received any issues in the past. However, this covid school year, I had to talk to one to many teachers about grades/assignments. Assignments are being done but due to glitches in the system they are wiped out and or if the camera was not turned on the entire class, points were taken away. In hindsight, I get it yet still frustrates me when I know my child. I have learned to first, calm down myself and then ask questions. I realized if I start yelling and visually upset, my child will shut down. Second, I found ways to keep my child engaged during virtual school, moving the area where education is being taken to bring positivity and not the same spot daily and also checking behind the work weekly. I also have good friends to vent to because if not, I would be pulling my hair out about grades and a glass a wine lol. All in all, open school back up! Now, we are working this new normal school system and I am proud of my kids...... Can I do homeschooling, I'm doing it now aren't I?! lol but nah it's not for us....

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