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This is what 2 months Post Partum look like...

As a mom who just had her 4th child, each pregnancy and baby are different, mom's with multiple children can contest to that.

For the last two months, despite having "precious cargo" aka lil baby, my life has been on the go. I have two children in sports and one we are super mobile. In the mist of still being an active mom to 3 kids so they are not feeling left out all the while still having to be stress free for the baby, especially since I am breastfeeding.

These past months looked and felt like:

  • Smelling like Milk, trying to produce Milk, and feeling like a cow. Aka being the milk plug

  • Still showing love to my other kids so they don't feel abandoned.

  • Trying to work on my weight with exercising, since I'm already feeling like a cow, trying not to look like one. My last pregnancy, it took awhile to drop some of the weight which I believe was due the winter time. I don't feel like doing shh in the winter.

  • Trying to get at least 4-6hrs of sleep but lil baby like's to get to up at 2am and then 4am and does not go to sleep until like 10pm.

  • Working on lil baby weight, babies weight tend to drop after birth but pick back up a week later buttttttt as a breastfeeding mama, we can not determine how milk they will get. He struggled and I stressed feeling hopeless. Contemplating sublimating with formula to assure he is full. There is nothing wrong with formula at all but of course, I would like to breastfeed as long as I can...think that may be short lived.

  • Scheduling bath time for yourself and timing it before your boobs leak in the tub lol

  • Trying to make time with friends but its Covid and a new baby so it's like ahhhhhh

  • Attempting to get lil baby use to his own bed but realizing he was born spoiled.

  • Everyday wishing lil baby will take his pacifier knowing he does not like the pacifier.

All in all, trying to keep from screaming but I love it....I am grateful for my village, especially my mom with making sure we had dinner most nights, taking the other kids for awhile and just checking in.

Any mama's who want to chime in about their postpartum experience? Send us an email to share your journey at

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