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Mamas, you're doing a great job!

What is it like being a mom? You become a mom the day you take your pregnancy test and it says positive. Like many, nerves have taken you over. You may be scared, happy and or fucking clueless. .....The first time I took a pregnancy test, yes the first because I have 3 damn kids lol. The day before, I knew my ass was pregnant. I am like never late and I was like oh shit, my period is late, I'm pregnant and just so happen, my boyfriend came over and stayed the night at my mother's house. (Yep, I was still living home but I was grown, 22) Is 22 grown though?!.lol.....

However, the next morning I took a pregnancy test and yep positive baby!! My grown ass texted my mother who had to take my siblings to school, saying "I'm pregnant but I'm going to finish graduate school (I was in a one year accelerated program) and continue work." This was in 2010. To be honest, I was not worried about my child's father because I knew he was a good man and would take of his child. I've always been a planner, I think it's just in my nature. I have several plans and I am big on faith and when there is a will there is a way.

Over the course of 10yrs there were times when I felt like oh shit am I not a good mom?...Mom stress is real. You have to cook, engage, take care of the house, attend to social outings, birthday parties, etc and sometimes you just want to stay in the bed and not do shit. Sorry, moms who are reading this and like "another curse word" yeah, sometimes I drop a curse word because let's face it, sometimes shit just sound better with a curse word lol. Back to what I was saying, motherhood has it's moments and sometimes I'm like I need a break!!....drink please...... Just 24hours, not to hear "mommy", or someone trying to take my food or breaking up arguments... and it is okay to acknowledge these feelings and be okay; to know it's apart of motherhood. Throughout my motherhood journey thus far, I have had the support of family and close friends to assist me with balancing and listening to my mommy chronicles.

Moms, even though that teenage child, 3yo or maybe 20yo is making your hair gray at the moment, I just want you to know, you are doing a bomb ass job Sis. They're breathing, fed, and clothed..... you got this! I know and you know there will be moments, like oh F**** and or you just want to leave for 24 hours for your own sanity...... remember the smiles and the warmth you feel (when you're not irritated lol) when they call you MOM. Sis, you're doing a great job!

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