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I had to get these edges snatched....

I was given the privilege of trying out 'Edge Naturale" Follicle Enhancer for 30days. The enhancer is a cream based with a peppermint smell (not to strong), the smell is not overwhelming. My hair thinned some around my edges due to pregnancy, not drastic but of course I noticed. I would rub the cream based in my hair at night when I prepared for bed and either used a bonnet and satin scarf depending on the style of my hair for the week. My baby is almost 2 now and has a head full of hair, I didn't go to bald but just thin/ stressed areas. Since using the enhancer, I noticed my hair thickness, I have always had thick hair but I have noticed an increased of thickness by week 2 around the edges. I had stop wearing ponytails due to my stress areas and now I become more comfortable with wearing my pony tails. I suggested this product to my family members who suffer from thinning as well and they too have saw a difference in their hair. I would definitely recommend for others to try their product. Click Edge Naturale for more information about their products. They are currently having a sale on their products.

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