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Can you enjoy the "V Day" single?

Feb 14th is the day for lovers yet so many people believe you have to be in a relationship in order to celebrate and or feel love on this specific day. Love starts within and so often us as females struggle with this day as a single woman. I mean let's be honest, who doesn't want to receive gifts?! everyone right?!.....

I have witnessed some of my friends be in love or lust (overall feeling good) while in situationshps and I right there cheering them on, yep if they love it, I like it. Some are still going strong and some have cut ties...and those who have cut ties, I am witnessing the death of the relationship (grief). With this grief comes sadness and the mood of not wanting to do anything. So for all my single ladies, I have one are you enjoying Valentine's Day without a Valentine?.....answer is short and sweet..."self-love"... You do not need a significant other to enjoy the day of love...Treat yourself! Do something for you!....Here are a list of things you can do at home and or if you want to venture out:

  1. Buy your favorite wine and snacks and watch a movie

  2. Treat yourself to a pedicure and manicure

  3. Rent out the theater with some friends

  4. Try a new recipe and cook yourself a nice meal

  5. Sleep (lol look some times we need to rest)

  6. Create your own Happy Hour at home with some friends

All in all, Valentine's Day is not just for too sis can enjoy it solo and or with some friends.

XoXo -E

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