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Business and Babies

Hi! let me reintroduce myself, my name is Elisa and I am a boy mom of 3! I have been in business now for 10years! Time is flying. I often get asked the question of how do I balance being a mom and entrepreneur with side remarks of "I'm crazy" for having multiple kids and or for wanting more (another blog for another time). Okay, so how do I balance being a mom and having kids....well it's simple... trial and error.. you can read all the books but you have to be in the present to learn how to balance. There was a time, I would work around the clock because I had the motto 'I can sleep when I die" so I would leave work and go home and work. After a year a two, I could not do it anymore, I realized my friends who loved that motto, that was not me. I needed to be actively present with my children and also I did not want to be burned out. As I begin to increase my child tribe, I also realized I needed to make time for each of my children independently and all together. I never want my kids to feel less loved due to mommy having more kids, which I am glad to report THEY DON'T and think its lit (their lingo lol) for mommy to have more!

Okay, so here is the business, I love being an entrepreneur! (to be honest it has it days, like all employment). Running a business did not and does not hinder me with being an awesome mommy! Below are some of the techniques I use to help me balance motherhood and business.

I am a planner at heart and I know there are times "things happen" and will throw you off your game for both motherhood and business. Here are my 5 techniques on how I balance:

  1. Leave work at work. Stop answering emails/calls

  2. Set a day/time for you and your family, a standing day of the week and or special outing bi-weekly or movie nights

  3. Include your children (if they are of age) with your business. Kids love to be included.

  4. Set regular date nights for you and significant other. We know kids tend to take over our life but we have to remember to love on each other.

  5. Self-care! Mommies we need some time to ourselves (I am still working on this lol) but it is needed.

  6. Last but not least, finding the right support team for YOU and YOUR FAMILY. I love my tribe!

So this is how I balance being a mom and my business. I have the luxury of bringing my children to work with me, which helps me out a lot in regards to Daycare but my children are very active with sports so this momma is all over the city. I do leave work at work, now there are times I have to answer calls/emails but I keep it short. Overall balance is all in the mindset and with time management as well. You have to dedicate yourself to follow with what you plan to do.

Want me to blog about any other topics? email me at Also follow my on IG @MomE_Moments and be sure to check out my website I have recently launched my MomE Planner

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